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WhatsApp Aero
App Name WhatsApp Aero
App Version V10.15
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category WhatsApp Aero
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7988)

WhatsApp Aero Download 2024 Many modified applications are available in the recent period and are very popular, especially applications that allow people the freedom to download and upload photos and videos, one of the most prominent modified applications is the modified one from WhatsApp. for Android, as download WhatsApp Aero provides many distinctive services to all its users, it provides download WhatsApp Aero🤗has many services that make the way of communication in the WhatsApp network much better than it is in the official versions.

There are many developed and modified versions of the famous WhatsApp, one of the best social networks in the current period, with the availability of downloading the distinctive Instagram, downloading Facebook, and others. Download WhatsApp Aero🤩provides many features, and the most appropriate choice for you in changing the way you use WhatsApp may be to install this wonderful application Which provides you with many forms of themes and many fixes that many face in other versions.

The WhatsApp Aero🤩 application contains many important sections and services that differ greatly from the original version of the application, so in this article you can learn about many important details about downloading WhatsApp Aero🤩 for Android, especially the most important additions made in the latest version of WhatsApp Aero, you can learn It contains the most important program information and all the services provided by the developer company, and all available copies and versions of the program will be displayed.

What is and what does it provide to download WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero😍 is one of the best modified versions that have a large number of users in the current period. This program offers distinctive content that makes it one of the most prominent and important versions provided by developers at this time. Many WhatsApp users resort to installing applications to download cases and stories, this is one of the most important services that It is available in WhatsApp Aero to download cases with ease, with the availability of many distinct themes to change the shape and structure of the program’s design, due to the availability of more than 3000 new themes.

The distinctive WhatsApp Aero😍 message scheduling program contains many other features and additions that you will not find in any of the other versions. You will have a wonderful use experience when you download WhatsApp Aero on your personal phone and enjoy many of the reforms that the company offers to all WhatsApp Aero users, the third-party auto-reply feature It is only available in WhatsApp Business, you will find it available in the application and it works in a very special way.

All available versions and versions of downloading WhatsApp Aero

Many copies and versions are available in most applications in the current period, and in most cases some copies may not be available for the most popular operating systems. Learn about these versions as follows:

  • Download WhatsApp Aero for Android: It is known for the famous Android system that it is possible to install any of the applications on the system with ease; For this reason and because the copy is not available on the system store, you can download WhatsApp Aero😍 on your phone with ease through the download button located at the top of the article page.
  • Download WhatsApp Aero for the computer: There is no version of WhatsApp Aero for the computer like WhatsApp for the computer, but if you want to run WhatsApp Aero😍 on the computer, you must install an emulator program first, such as Gameloop, in order to be able to run the application with ease. You just need to know the operating steps from this the article.
  • Other versions developed for different operating systems: Of course, you can download several different versions of the green WhatsApp, but they are developed as in the case of WhatsApp Aero😍, where you can download WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi as one of those developed versions that are very famous among users, and you can also enjoy the experience of using WhatsApp G B and others.

A comprehensive review about WhatsApp Aero APK for Android

There are a number of distinct sections that the application provides you with, which you enjoy once you download it to your phone. All of these sections contain different options and elements that we will show you through the following paragraphs:

First: The important and prominent sections of WhatsApp Aero

The main interface: When you download WhatsApp Aero and register with your account, you will find it contains all the sections in the original version with some differences. On the main screen, you will find the application name at the top, the button to turn on the flight mode to turn off the Internet for WhatsApp Aero,😍 the button to change the appearance, the search tool, and the side menu button The four section bar does not differ with the chats in the largest part, the only difference is the floating button options located at the bottom of the screen.

Settings: These settings are very different from those in WhatsApp for setting up the account, privacy, and others. You can control many settings when downloading WhatsApp Aero😍 from here. In the section, there are privacy and protection settings and the theme store to change the appearance and display of the application and other options such as the main screen, conversation screen settings and widgets Aero, the application also allows you to lock conversations from this section, which enables you to protect your conversations. We advise you to use the safe program to obtain maximum protection for photos and videos on your phone.

Chat: You can make chats, voice calls, video calls, and communicate with friends in a unique way in the WhatsApp Aero program. The conversation screen contains many services that make it easier for you to communicate with others better. You can download WhatsApp Aero😍 and start chatting with friends, send documents, audio and video clips, and use the feature Modified in the latest version to use the microphone and control the speed of hearing the recordings.

Message scheduling: This section is one of the most prominent additions made in WhatsApp Aero. You have a wonderful feature available in this section that may be similar to the same function in the WhatsApp Business application. When you download WhatsApp Aero😍, you will be able to set this feature from the side menu, schedule messages One of the most prominent features added by the developer company in the latest version of WhatsApp Aero, this section works in setting up the options for the message scheduling feature.

Second: distinct sections provided by WhatsApp Aero Hazar

Status: This section is of great importance to all users of the new WhatsApp Aero, which provides many newly added capabilities in the latest version of WhatsApp Aero, you can now download the new WhatsApp Aero😃 and enjoy all the services provided by the developer company in this section, you can through this section Sharing photos, videos, and cases written with distinctive fonts and wonderful shapes in case backgrounds, and the ability to control the color and shape of the line with the background.

Calls: The calls section of most mods contains many problems that occur during a call; Therefore, one of the most prominent features of downloading WhatsApp Aero 😍is solving those problems that cause great inconvenience to the users of the application because of the inability to make voice calls and also video calls in a good way due to the occurrence of malfunctions during operation, you can have a distinguished use experience in WhatsApp Aero, which provides you with the ability to delete calls And get to know the details of the call.

Themes: One of the best features provided by the developer company in WhatsApp Aero is the presence of many themes that can change the look of the application and all the designs of the sections to the look you want. When you download WhatsApp Aero,😃 you will find in this section more than 3000 new themes that were added in the version Finally, you can open that section from the side menu and enter (Aero add-ons). WhatsApp Aero is characterized by the presence of a large number of free themes, such as the WhatsApp theme for iPhone.

Auto Reply: One of the most important features offered by downloading WhatsApp Aero, which a large number of users are looking forward to, this feature is similar to the same automatic reply function found in WhatsApp Business, when you download WhatsApp Aero, you will be able to enter that section from the side menu of WhatsApp Aero, This section contains all the responses that you have prepared with the options to edit or delete any of them through the options available to you in each field in front of you.

Find out the location of your friend or anyone in WhatsApp Aero

One of the most powerful services that are available only in 😃WhatsApp Aero, which enables you to know the location of anyone you want in an easy and simple way. Follow the following explanation to get to know them:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then open the WhatsApp Aero application and open the chat page with the person you want to locate. You will find at the top and next to the side menu button another small circular button, click on it.
  2. Immediately, a rectangle will appear in front of you with three options represented in links that you send to your friend to know his location from them. There is also a special option to add a link of your choice.
  3. After clicking on the appropriate link for you from among the options (today's weather - Tarot fortune - horoscope map), you will find the link automatically added in the writing bar below, just send it.
  4. Thus, you will have successfully completed your part of the task, and all you have to do is wait for your friend to open the link, and immediately his exact location will be sent to you in 😃WhatsApp Aero.

Note: Sometimes this service may not work in the best way in WhatsApp Aero, and this is evident in sending a location other than the actual location of your friend, and so on; So we can say that it needs more updating to be accurate.

The most prominent and important additions to WhatsApp Aero 2024

There are many distinctive additions in the latest version of the new application. You can learn about all the distinctive additions that the company has made in WhatsApp Aero through this section:

  • Text translation: The features follow, and the wonderful WhatsApp Aero is unique, which provides everyone with this feature. Through the translation feature in WhatsApp Aero, you will never again resort to exiting the application to translate texts from Arabic to English or vice versa, due to the availability of the translation option in the chat.
  • Call Disruption Fix: Many WhatsApp Aero🤩 users are facing some issues with voice and video calls, so the developer has prepared many fixes on this section which has made the app much better than before.
  • Call Disruption Fix: Many WhatsApp Aero users are facing some issues with voice and video calls, so the developer has prepared many fixes on this section which has made the app much better than before.
  • Lock screen: For privacy and security, the company responsible for downloading the new WhatsApp Aero 🤩provides you with this distinctive feature in the latest version of WhatsApp Aero. You can set a lock code for all chats that you want to protect easily in WhatsApp Aero, and several lock patterns are available for you, including the fingerprint.

The most important operating methods in WhatsApp Aero APK for Android

There are many important operating methods in WhatsApp Aero to make some adjustments to the usage experience. You can learn about the most important steps to activate some important features when downloading WhatsApp Aero from the following explanations:

First: Turn on the message scheduling feature in WhatsApp Aero

  • When you download WhatsApp Aero on your phone and register in the application, you can open the message scheduling section through the side menu located at the top of the WhatsApp Aero🤩 screen above.
  • When entering the message scheduling section, you must click on the green (+) button from the bottom, and then enter the feature settings in order to enjoy the feature services.
  • On the WhatsApp Aero🤩 application screen, you have some important options to determine the effectiveness of the feature and operating times. Through (contact), you can select more than one person to receive scheduled messages.
  • You can control the sending time (set times), set when the feature starts and ends, and from the last option on the screen compose the message and whatever you want users to receive in the message.

Second: WhatsApp Aero style for Android to IOS

Many forms are available for you to download WhatsApp Aero, the most prominent of which is the iPhone IOS design or the red WhatsApp theme. Therefore, how to change the style of WhatsApp Aero for Android to the famous iPhone style will be explained in this section as follows:

  • When downloading WhatsApp Aero on your phone, you must enter the application, then open the side menu and open the WhatsApp Aero settings through (Aero add-ons).
  • There are many options available for the application settings provided by the program developer on the screen. You can enter the main screen settings in order to be able to change the WhatsApp Aero🤩 style.
  • This section, which contains all the main screen settings, you just have to press the top bar button to change the look and feel when downloading WhatsApp Aero in an easy and fast way.
  • In the upper bar section, you have an option (advanced home screen styles). Click on that button, and a list of many different shapes will open. You have to choose (Aero – IOS Design 5 IG).
  • After choosing the iPhone IOS style from the WhatsApp Aero menu, press the (Cancel) button, open the option (Bottom bar style) and choose any of the options (iOS style - iOS style v2) to change the shape of the bottom bar.

Third: Translate the texts of the WhatsApp Aero Download conversation

  • Make sure to connect to the Internet first, then enter the application after downloading WhatsApp Aero, and then open any of your chats. Whatever language you want to translate chat texts in, you will find them in that feature.
  • You must first press and hold the texts that you want to translate from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English, as you wish.
  • A bar will be displayed at the top of the WhatsApp Aero🤩 screen, and it has many options for deletion, others for forwarding, and a button to open other options, designed from three points above some.
  • Open that button in WhatsApp Aero, press the (Translate) button, wait for a few seconds, and you will find the results at the top of the screen in front of you.

How to lock WhatsApp Aero with a secret code to secure it

You can now check on all your conversations and confidential data in WhatsApp Aero,🤩 where you can lock the application and also every conversation with a secret security code. Find out how to secure the application and conversations as follows:

First: Lock WhatsApp Aero 2024 in different ways

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then open WhatsApp Aero 2024, and from the main screen, click on the three dots at the top to open the side menu, and from the options that appear in front of you, click on (Aero setup).
  • You will find many options in front of you, including (Privacy and Security) at the top. Click on it, a new page will appear in🤩 WhatsApp Aero. Swipe the screen up to the (Security) tab.
  • In this tab, you will find the option (Lock WhatsApp), activate the button next to it; To show you three lock options (fingerprint - password - pattern), choose the lock method you want to be applied.

Second: Lock chats in WhatsApp Aero

  • Open the WhatsApp Aero🤩 application and long press on the chat that you want to hide and lock it with a password to be identified, then press the side menu button at the top and choose from it (hide chats).
  • Several lock options will appear in front of you (fingerprint - secret number - pattern). Select what you want and follow the steps. Set a security question as required of you, and immediately the chat will be locked and hidden.
  • You can access protected chats in WhatsApp Aero🤩 in an easy way by clicking on the application name at the top and unlocking it to find all the conversations in front of you without a problem.

WhatsApp Aero update, latest version

If you want to update WhatsApp Aero to its latest version, it is not necessary to visit the developer's website and search for the update, while you can update the application from the settings easily as follows:

  • After opening WhatsApp Aero🤩, click on the three points above; To open the side menu and choose from it (Aero setup) to find yourself in the Settings section, scroll down to the bottom of the section to find the (Aero development) option.
  • By clicking on this option, it will search for any available updates for WhatsApp Aero, and if they exist, they will appear in front of you so that you can download and install them on your phone without any problems.
  • But before you can download the update, you must allow the files to be downloaded from WhatsApp Aero,🤩 and this is what the system will ask you to do. Just click on the Allow button and return again to the application.

Note: There is a button in the interface through which you can search for and download updates, but we have provided that method from the settings so that you can do the update even if this button is not present.

The most famous alternatives to the WhatsApp Aero 2024 program

In this section of the article, you can learn about the most prominent and popular alternatives to downloading the new WhatsApp Aero, such as WhatsApp Eve. There are many distinguished application competitors, so here are the best alternatives as follows:

red whatsapp

Downloading WhatsApp Red is the best alternative to WhatsApp Aero🥰 from my point of view, due to the presence of the many distinct services in the application. This application supports versions of Android phones starting from 4.1 and later. You can download the latest version of this application through our website and learn more information about the application and important operating methods. And the most prominent features and shortcomings of the program, this program features many services for downloading cases and capabilities that allow you to change the style of the home screen.

Golden WhatsApp

One of the best modified versions used by many people in different countries due to the availability of many distinct and somewhat unique services, you can download the latest version of the application through our website. We have provided you with the latest version of WhatsApp Gold with an explanation of many important operating methods and all the features And the disadvantages of the application, it may be the most appropriate choice for you to download that application, and WhatsApp Gold may make you free from downloading 🥰WhatsApp Aero.

The most prominent features of downloading WhatsApp Aero App?

  • Status cutting: The new version is characterized by this feature in the cases section. Some people have difficulty cutting videos well when sharing a video in the status, but in WhatsApp Aero🥰 you can divide the video in specific proportions that do not exceed 30 seconds when sharing directly.
  • Forwarding messages: Many users of the original version of the program have difficulty forwarding messages to more than 5 people, so downloading WhatsApp Aero is characterized by this feature that provides you with easy forwarding of messages to more than 250 people in WhatsApp Aero.
  • Fixes: Operational problems that you can notice when using and maybe not, so there is a great development that the application is enjoying in solving some problems and it has obtained many reforms that were made in the last period, which made the application much better than it was before.
  • Online alert: One of the most prominent features of downloading WhatsApp Aero for Android is that it provides you with notifications for active friends on the WhatsApp network. You can know the active users by downloading WhatsApp Aero🥰 on your phone from the main page from the green dot and notifications.
  • Instagram statuses style: You can have a big change in the shape and design of the main screen of WhatsApp Aero🥰 and change the shape of the statuses section to an Instagram statuses style. You can change the shape of the cases and show them all on the WhatsApp Aero screen above chats with ease in WhatsApp.
  • Translation of chat texts: The company that developed WhatsApp Aero has provided this feature for all users of the program, so that they can translate chat texts in an easy and fast way, without the need to exit WhatsApp Aero🥰 and open translation programs in an easy and simple way.
  • Status modifications: Many green WhatsApp users are looking for ways to modify the status format, so the company that developed🥰 WhatsApp Aero has provided a distinctive feature that enables you to change the status background format and control the color and shape of the distinctive fonts that are available to you in stories.

Download WhatsApp Aero